Supercrush Emblem

Supercrush exists to provide great hair care to those who are looking to simplify their routine and accessorize with the latest trends. Designed and made in Vancouver, Supercrush prioritizes using high-quality materials and employing local makers—ensuring ethically made and long-lasting products.

As Supercrush is constantly evolving and expanding their product range, they needed a new emblem that would fit onto a wide range of products in varying sizes. The emblem needed to correlate with their current brand, remain recognizable when shrunk, and be eye-catching while remaining simple.

We created an “S” emblem that represents Supercrush’s brand DNA and co-exists alongside their existing brand beautifully. We were inspired by the mother and daughter team and wanted to pay homage in the form of two circles—a conceptualization of the two founders. The new emblem maintains brand recognizability when shrunk, which allows them to expand into smaller products.